September 1st, 2021

Несколько фактов об энергии ветра в США и мире

...мы можем прочесть в Wind Technologies Market Report:

- In 2010, no turbines employed blades that were 115 meters in diameter or larger, but in 2020, 91% of newly installed turbines featured such rotors.
- Low wind turbine pricing has pushed down installed project costs over the last decade: Wind turbine prices are averaging $775–$850/kW.
- Wind energy prices remain low, around $20/MWh in the interior of the country: After topping out at $70/MWh for power purchase agreements (PPAs) executed in 2009, the national average price of wind PPAs has dropped. In the interior ‘wind belt’ of the country, recent pricing is around $20/MWh.
- The average levelized cost of wind energy is down to $33/MWh: Levelized costs, which exclude the impacts of federal tax incentives, vary across time and geography, but the national average stood at $33/MWh in 2020—down substantially historically, though consistent with the previous two years.

Но по доле энергии ветра в балансе США отнюдь не рекордсмен. А по установленным в 2020 году мощностям - 16 836 Мвт - безнадежно уступает Поднебесной с её 52 000 Мвт.